About Us

“Golden Way ( GW ) is a name which represents the golden way of fashion industry.Golden Way ( GW ) starts their E-Fashion journey to provide you the trendiest product of all over the world in a single platform at a best price with the fastest delivery “

Company Name Golden Way
Registration Date 10/11/2021
Company trade license no TRAD/DSCC/020474/2021
eTIN No 446646612103
BIN No 004743256-0208
Our Value’s
Value proposition

Golden Way value proposition revolves around giving consumers the power and ease of purchasing fashion Accessories and lifestyle products online. Offerings such as the Best quality men’s  product catalogue, cash on delivery and 7 day return policy make Golden Way ( GW ), the preferred shopping destination in the country. To make online shopping easier for you, a dedicated customer connect team is on standby to answer your queries 24×7.



Satisfied customers around our country & Growing

Est. 2001

Golden Way Journey

Lee Lee Style introduce Golden Way.Golden Way is a prominent lifestyle brand in retail clothing fashion industry in bangladesh with the quest of providing quality product at best price.Golden Way ( GW ) is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being Bangladesh’s largest e-fashion store for Men’s fashion Accessories and lifestyle products, Golden Way ( GW ) aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal. The brand is making a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available  all over the world as well as our country.

Lee Lee Style started their journey As a importer & wholesaler of Readymade garments since 2001 and has been established as a leading importer & wholesaler of fashion industry in Bangladesh.Lee Lee Style provides the best quality Mens Accessories( Tie, Tie Set, Cufflink, Wallet. Belt ), Mens Wear, Mens Inner Wear ( Underwear, Socks, Vest ), Shoe ( Formal/ Casual ) and also Winter as well as any kind of trendy product for man’s fashion.
In these 20 years of journey Lee Lee Style establised a best quality product chain supply in bangladesh.After 20 years of wholesale Lee Lee Style started retail business through Golden Way ( GW ) to provide the best quality product at reasonable price directly to the fashion sensed trendy people.
Our Future

Growing Fast

As we start our journey in fashion industry before 20 years we provide our best in the fashion industry by suppling fashion product to the customer through vendor.Now our goal is to provide the best quality product at a best rate directly to the retail customer.



Regional offices in Dhaka

Core Values

Development in fashion Industry.


Fast Delivery

24/7 Customer Service


Key People

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.

Mohammed Shahjalal Chowdhury

( Founder & CEO )

Before Golden Way ( GW ), Mohammed Shahjalal Chowdhury worked on development of fashion  industry in Bangladeshi . Mr. Shahjalal worked on creative development on fashion industry in Bangladesh , Mr Shahjalal started his carrier as a importer & wholesaler in Bangladesh which supplies new innovation in Bangladeshi fashion industry . He aspires to change the fashion culture in Bangladesh so that people can adopt the taste of international quality item in Bangladesh at affordable price . Mr Shahjalal graduated from the Victoria college.



Hasan is a Golden Way ( GW ) full-stack Business developer & head of finance . Prior to Golden Way, he worked at different start-up fashion house where he was in charge of business development & finance . His hobby includes research on fashion industry and how we can develop better service to our customer. Hasan Also maintain finance of Golden Way. Hasan has complete his graduation from world university of Bangladesh ( WUB ) & also carries diploma degree in fashion design  from shanto mariam university of creative technology ( SMUCT ).